What other ChurchTools users say about us:

“Using ChurchTools, we cannot just display our address database in a neat way, but we can also intuitively maintain it, send out emails and synchronise it with other services such as Optigem. It has become an essential tool that makes our work so much easier.”

Sandra Kunze
Assistant to the Manager Director, Gemeinsam für Hamburg

“Using a central calendar for church events, we can keep an overview of all events and important appointments. This tool also enables us to coordinate the necessary resources such as rooms, technical equipment and even volunteer teams at the same time.”

Sigrid Wessler
Assistant Lead Pastor, Elim Church Hamburg

“ChurchTools helps me to walk with people and to not lose sight of them. It has, therefore, become an indispensable tool for our pastoral ministry.”

Matthias C. Wolff
Lead pastor, Elim Church Hamburg

I’m excited about ChurchTools because of its administration functions for small groups. I can see their capacity and using Google Maps, I can find the right small group for new members.”

Michael Goth
Pastor for Small groups, Ecclesia Church Nürnberg

“We love the possibility to use ChurchTools in different languages. For diverse international churches like ours, it is exactly what is needed!”

Bruno Nicoletti
Pastor, ICG Karlsruhe
About ChurchTools

ChurchTools exists to help pastors, leaders and churches to communicate, prepare, organize and connect with people on the go. We love to build churches together.

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