All church files, documents and important information safely
organized in one place.

Knowledge base

Create a church knowledge base to answer questions like: How does the projector work? What are the access codes to a room? Where can you create an internal bulletin board? 


Upload and store files, texts, pictures, pdf's, videos and more up to 5gb for free, e.g. church policies and church referred material.

Easy to write

Wiki uses a web-based text processing tool to allow you to write texts and pages.

Individual Wikis

Individual Wiki collections can be created for every department, area of service, etc.

Word processing editor

This editor provides the large scope of functions available in commonly used word processing editors. Wiki, however, provides additional structuring of the data in the immediate text flow. Different authorization levels will make them visible to a preselected group of members. Public texts can be written, as well.

Data protection and security

Protection and security were the major goals in the development of Wiki, this way all kinds of information written and stored in this area are always safe.

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