Manage the reservation of church rooms, equipment and
other resources from one place.


People need to use different rooms, equipments and items at different times. Resources provides a clear overview of all bookings and reduces administration time. 


Never ever again have overlapped bookings for the same resource. ChurchTools alerts you when there are conflictive requests.


All group leaders and members can request to use church facilities. Each resource can have one or multiple administrators. These administrators will receive each booking request and approve or decline it.

resource info

History of past use of each resource is available, also, statistics about the utilization of each resource.

Booking resources

Every event takes a place somewhere and needs certain resources. Through Resources you allow users to reserve rooms and equipment needed for their events. Reserved rooms and equipment are blocked so you don't have to worry about overlapping bookings.

Administration of resources

Know where your resources are when they are being used and who is using them. Resources provides all necessary information needed to process booking requests effectively and have a clear view of all resources at a glance.

Clear Notifications

Members have different options for viewing the requested resources. Notifications keep all people involved informed.

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