People and Groups

Everything you need to know about your people and groups in one place


Every single member has an individual profile where you can store data, information, membership details and see which groups and activities this person is involved in the church.


Easily communicate with members and groups. Group leaders get a notification each time a new member is added to a group and automated messages can also be configured.

Follow up

Create follow up workflows and lead the people in a way that no one gets forgotten. Different follow-ups can be created for different situations: visitors, new members and etc.


Create different groups and group types, use filters for search and add locations to help visitors find the perfect group.

Simple administration of members and groups

Member and group administration form the basis of ChurchTools. Each person added has an individual profile and can be added to different groups. Additionally, you can let your members have access to ChurchTools with an appropriate set of rights.

Maintaining an overview

How many active members are part of our church? What events are happening, what rooms are available and how many visitors did we have last Sunday? ChurchTools is able to answer these questions instantaneously.

Flexible adaptation

Each church has a different structure and with time these structures can change in order to meet new requirements. ChurchTools digitally displays these structures and allows flexible adaptations and changes.

Simplifying communication

Facilitate simple communication between leaders and teams, groups, and church members. Build registration forms for easy sign up to courses, retreats, trips, and other events. 

Synchronisation with OPTIGEM*

Small group leaders, church leadership and church members regularly update their contact details. The synchronization with OPTIGEM happens in the background and the contact information is always up to date.

Data security

Data security is absolutely crucial when it comes to cloud-based applications. Throughout the development of ChurchTools, it was our highest goal to ensure that your data is secure.

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About ChurchTools

ChurchTools exists to help pastors, leaders and churches to communicate, prepare, organize and connect with people on the go. We love to build churches together.

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