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Persons and Groups

Equip volunteers and staff with information on church members and their groups so they can effectively minister to them. Manage all kinds of groups in the church, add new members with easy signups, connect family members and see attendance reports.

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Coordinate the planning of services and events, schedule volunteers upfront and provides a complete song management area for the worship team. Communicate the order of service with all people involved and collect important numbers of each event type.

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Create all church events in one calendar with different categories that already allows you to book and block the necessary resources for different events. Manage group meetings with confirmation of participation. Choose which calendar categories are public and allow people to subscribe to different calendar categories in their personal devices.

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Track and approve what rooms and resources are being used, who can use them, and when. Using a central system for booking resources avoid overlapping bookings and conflicts. In Resources, you can create unlimited rooms, equipment and other resources your church might have and separate them into different categories.

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It allows you to quickly check-in visitors, members and volunteers into any event and gather important attendance numbers. Check-in also allows you to safely check-in kids into the children's service/classes with an extra possibility of printing out a label with the child's name and a pickup code for the parents.

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Wiki is the area where you can create the church knowledge base and documentation area. It allows you to both write pages and connect them to each other or upload important files and documents available for download, built into different folders for specific groups of people.

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