Everything you need to succeed when planning church services
and events in one place


Services, Bible seminars, worship nights, and other events require planning, organizing resources and creating rota sheets. Events gives you an overall view of everything related to event planning.

Schedule teams

Schedule your teams of volunteers through email and let them accept or decline each request individually. Don't worry, ChurchTools also reminds them when they are on duty.

Order of service

Organise the order of service, add songs, media and other information to clearly communicate to all people involved what is the plan. Get organized without last-minute stress.

song management

Manage all songs, lyrics, songsheets in one place and give access to all people involved in the worship team.

Creating events

Church events are centrally created in Events and everyone involved is added to the planning process.

Scheduling volunteers

Who is in charge of the sound system, who is leading the worship and who will be the service moderator? These spots can be directly requested to members via Events.

Song management

Manage all songs, lyrics, songsheets and new arrangements in one place. The worship and media teams can always have access to the latest version of the song database.

Planning the order of service

When planning the order of a service, event or meeting, all volunteers, and staff members should know what is the plan to better work together. Events provides an intelligent and easy function to facilitate the creation of the order of service.

Gathering important numbers

Events gathers any required numbers and provides their export in CSV format.

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