ChurchTools Chat

Chat in ChurchTools in groups, events and with people.
Announcement groups are also possible.


Group chat
Send fast messages within your group. Let your house group/connect group know that the next meeting is at your place.

Event Chat
Communicate with everyone involved in an event. Church members who are assigned later are immediately up to date.

Chat with one person
Quickly contact people in your church without the need to obtain contact information yourself.

Announcement groups
Only leaders can send messages to this group, and participants can only see the messages, not write messages.

Data protection compliant
Our chat processes information only with the consent of users and admins who are already in ChurchTools. We do not need access to the user's contacts. All information is stored on servers in Germany. Our chat is transport encrypted and permissions for group chats / event chats are automatically controlled by the ChurchTools permissions system.


How can I use the chat?
The administrator of the installation must set up the chat for the church installation, only then the chat icon will be displayed in the app. The administrator can find more detailed information in our help page.
Which chats are currently available on ChurchTools?
Individual chats, event chats and group chats. More detailed information can be found in this help page.
Will there be a version for the browser?
It is already included as a feature request for the future.
How can I unlock the chat for my group/my event?
In this help page, leaders will find detailed instructions
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ChurchTools exists to help pastors, leaders and churches to communicate, prepare, organize and connect with people on the go. We love to build churches together.

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