Many categories, one calendar - All appointments organised in one place

Easy calendar Planning

Easily add new appointments and events with or without templates to the church calendar. Recurring events can be easily set up with repeat patterns.

Multiple calendars

Create different calendar categories to better manage different events and appointments for the church and for groups.

Embed in the church website

Embed the public calendar categories into your church's website allowing visitors to easily see important event information.

Subscribe to calendars

Subscribe to iCal or Google Calendar feeds to always get the latest calendar events on your desktop or mobile calendar application.

Integrated calendar

Calendar gathers all appointments from different areas of ChurchTools in one place and provides different view formats.

Wide range of functions

Our digital calendar offers a wide range of functions with different levels of rights, synchronization, and connections to other devices while remaining intuitive.

Publishing of the calendar

The Calendar provides various options for publishing the calendar on a homepage or for sharing the administration of a calendar with more people.

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