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ChurchTools helps you to bring people, operations, and ministry together in one place with an online software uniquely designed to meet the needs of churches.
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What makes us different

A complete solution built for churches and ministries that combines solutions for different areas of churches of all sizes and denominations in one place allowing unlimited users to manage church data from anywhere anytime.
We help pastors and church leaders to reduce time spent with organization and administration and focus on their ministry. Our web app is available in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and French, and our friendly support team is always ready to help you.

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Our solution for churches

People & Groups

Equip volunteers and staff with information on church members and their groups so they can effectively minister to them.
Manage all kinds of groups in church, add new members with easy signups and see attendance reports.

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People & Groups


Track and approve what rooms and resources are being used, who can use them, and when. Using a central system for booking resources will avoid overlapping bookings.

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Check kids or volunteers quickly and safely into classes or events and track attendance for any event.

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Make important files and documents available for download, build different folders for specific groups of people.

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Create all church events in one calendar with different categories that already allows you to book and block the necessary resources for different events.


Coordinate service and event plans, schedule volunteers upfront and provide a song management area for the music team

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How can I help my Church?

ChurchTools is for churches of all sizes who want to improve their administration. It allows your Church to function as a united and organized organization throughout the week.
Worship leader
Youth leader
Childrens worker
Church member
Worship leader
Youth leader
Children's worker

Pastors and churches love ChurchTools

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“ChurchTools helps me to walk with people and to not lose sight of them. It has, therefore, become an indispensable tool for our pastoral ministry.”
Senior Pastor Matthias C. Wolff
Christengemeinde Elim Hamburg, Germany
“We love the possibility to use ChurchTools in different languages. For diverse international churches like ours, it is exactly what is needed!”
Pastor Bruno Nicoletti
ICG Karlsruhe, Germany

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ChurchTools exists to help pastors, leaders and churches to communicate, prepare, organize and connect with people on the go. We love to build churches together.

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