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Plant a church and use ChurchTools for the 1st year free of any charge

Did you know that in a rocket launch, 80% of the fuel is burned in the first few minutes to leave the atmosphere? Starting a new church is quite similar. In the beginning, a lot of energy is needed, time is spent in getting ready, and emotional stability and resilience are expected.

Processes need to be established, structures need to be developed, data need to be stored in compliance with data protection regulations, and most importantly, the few people who are already up and running must not be lost.

We want to help your church focus its energy and thus support it with a great discount for church plants. This makes data protection, communication, follow-ups, accounting and more just a click away.

In addition, you can become part of our ChurchTools community, where leaders, pastors and others from different churches exchange ideas and help and support each other.

What is included?


We don't do things by halves. Your church gets a full ChurchTools installation without any limitations. Every module is accessible.

Great discount

In the start-up phase, money can be a scarce resource, so we provide a great discount. The first year is completely free and only after the fifth year you have to pay the full license fee.


ChurchTools is used by many churches and congregations and numerous users share their experiences. Become part of the community and benefit from the rich experience of other users.

What are you saving?

1. Jahr
100 % Rabatt

2. Jahr
75 % Rabatt

3. Jahr
50 % Rabatt

4. Jahr
25 % Rabatt

5. Jahr
Normaler Preis

ChurchTools bietet einen starken Rabatt an für die ersten fünf Jahre:
1. Jahre: 100% Rabatt
2. Jahre: 75% Rabatt
3. Jahre: 50% Rabatt
4. Jahre: 25% Rabatt

ChurchTools exists because churches exist.
We totally recognize that, especially in the start-up phase, every Euro counts. Since church planting is close to our hearts, we want to support you in this phase and offer a great discount for the first four years. 

Our Partner

The next steps

1. Obtain your installation
Get a ChurchTools installation for your church

2. Ask for discount
Send proof of planting with the date of foundation to our support to get your church planting discount
3. Get to know & set up ChurchTools
Learn ChurchTools with our guides,
YouTube tutorials or free online seminars.

1 year for free - What could you lose?

Usually, you can try ChurchTools for 30 days for free. But for church plants we make it possible to use ChurchTools for a whole year for free. The only condition is: it is a new church plant. No risk for your church.


How do I claim the church planting discount?
First, create a test installation and then contact support. Please send directly a proof of the church planting. This can for example be a copy of the foundation papers or a letter from the church federation. It is important that a founding date is given.
We started up last year. Do we still get the discount?
Yes. Feel free to contact support with a proof. The discount depends on the date of foundation. That means if the church was formed last year, then you are already in the 2nd year and you start with a 75% discount.

Further questions?

Feel free to contact our support using the contact form.

About ChurchTools

ChurchTools exists to help pastors, leaders and churches to communicate, prepare, organize and connect with people on the go. We love to build churches together.

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